‘Jazz Personality, G Mentality’

The 25th of August marked the 18th year since Aaliyah’s death and even though I wasn’t old enough to appreciate her music when she was alive, I still grew up listening to her. Her music was still playing on my TV screen long after her death which shows the huge impact she made in the music industry at the time. She’s always been a huge inspiration to me in terms of her fashion sense and the way she transformed it over the years and cultivated it to suit her and her personality . 


Introduced to the music industry at just 15 years old, her initial style that s was showcased in her music video Back & Forth as well as her highly (now somewhat controversial) song ‘Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number’.

In an 1994 interview with MTV, she described her style as ‘laidback’ and that’s what she tries to portray in not only the clothes she wears but the way she moves in her music videos.

It was rare for her to be seen without a bandana, dark sunglasses and of course the boxers and these were details of her style that stuck with her over the years as her style transformed. 


The next few years saw a level up in her style. The tomboy chic style still stayed with her, only now she had cultivated to fit her own personality and vibe.

A variety of colours, accessories and materials gave her clothes a different edge.   Even though her outfits were still fairly simple, they still gave off an effect and vibe that complimented her.


The Are You That Somebody video Aaliyah highlighted the beginning of Aaliyah’s transition in terms of style. You can tell that more details and thought were being put into her style other than in 1994 where she kinda looked like she was wearing an older brothers clothes.

 Even though she was growing she wasn’t losing herself, she found a way to effectively evolve her style as well as her music


Transition from tomboy chic to something more revealing but still never losing her original style. Her ability to switch up her fashion also came across in her music showing that she had a lot of range musically.


Her style evolution showed how she was always able to show her personality in the clothes she wears. Even though she did change as was only natural over the years, she never lost her true essence.

Her style was unique to her and as we’ve seen recently through social media, her influence still holds weight today.

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